5 Benefits Of Using Conventional Taxis vs Online Taxi Apps You Must Know

5 Benefits Of Using Conventional Taxis vs Online Taxi Apps You Must Know

Living in this modern world, almost everything has been taken over by technology. It’s true that it’s good to have a ride in just a few clicks using an app, but it’s always better to know how real life works without our gadgets on hand. Here we list down 5 benefits of using individual taxi companies instead of taxi apps that you must know.

1. You’ll Be Less Dependent On Your Gadget

Yes, you can definitely leave your house without your mobile and not worry how are you going to take a taxi. Without all the hassle of keeping your mobile charged and finding a stable and reliable internet connection, you can simply go out and waive fo the taxi passing by. Using technology is truly inevitable nowadays, but you do not have to be dependent on it.

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2. You Only Pay For What You Consumed

It is always fair and just to see the taxi meter run throughout your ride. Without the app service charge, you will definitely pay way cheaper when using a regular taxis service like our Loughborough Taxi service, as you pay a standard fare rate that has been set by the law. Price stays the same even when the demand changes compare to taxi apps where fare goes up to four times higher during peak hours.

3. It Is More Convenient

No need for prior booking, negotiations and waiting until your driver arrives, you can simply go out, waive for a taxi nearby, hop in and you are ready to go. It will save you time from cancellations that regularly happens on taxi apps. You also have the freedom to change destinations and choose your driver if you have a valid reason.

4. It Is Technically Safer

Some might say that it is safer to use taxi apps, but a lot do not know that they compromise personal information such as your name, address and phone number and even confidential credit card or payment information every time you book a ride. It is true that both conventional and modern way of taking a taxi has its own risk, you just have to be vigilant and learn to weigh your options.

5. You Maximize The Value Of Your Money

Did you know that these taxi apps takes a minimum of 20% from the total fare at the top of the membership fee and other service charges? By riding on individual taxi companies you know that your money goes to the people who worked hard for it. You do not only helped drivers take home more but you will also save yourself from unnecessary spendings.

These are just a few technical benefits that you may get on taking the conventional taxi. The most interesting benefit you will probably get from freeing yourself from using apps on everything that you do is you get to socialize in real life. You get to look around, process things, observe and engage in small talks.

Innovation is indeed amazing, but as we practice living in this techie world, let us not forget the beauty we get from the usuals. Let’s pause, put our phone down and live a good and real life once in a while, or maybe as often as we can.

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